A 3-year Training Course with a strong experiential quality, for doctors and medical students.

New Course started 2nd December  2016*

 a comprehensive perception of patients and illness that encompasses body, soul and spirit.

Forming a new relationship to medicines and their source materials through plant study.

Experiencing how art supplements science and widens understanding from direct experience.

Discovering new methods of study that stimulate and motivate personal learning.

Exploring exercises and meditations that support personal development in relationship to our medical work.

Participants and tutors at an early seminar, St. Luke's Medical Centre

Participants and tutors at an early seminar, St. Luke’s Medical Centre







The three year course consists of 20 days teaching per year in five three-day blocks and one block of five days, at St Luke’s Medical Centre, Stroud and other venues.

*Although the course runs over three years it is possible to join it at almost any point by arrangement.