Anthroposophic Medicine Links

Anthroposophic Medicine in the UK   is a Website with many  educational activities and conferences in the UK and general information on Anthroposophic Medicine.

Medical Section of the School for Spiritual Science; – and under Trainings details of the International Post Graduate Medical Training (in Anthroposophic Medicine) IPMT can be found:

Voluntary self-regulatory body for the anthroposophic health and social care professions in UK – The Council for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care CAHSC:

Emerson College hosts this training and a variety of other course connected with Anthroposophy. 

Patient organisation for the support and promotion of anthroposophic medicine and therapies: Patients Association for the Furtherance of Anthroposophic Medicine PAFAM was formed by users of anthroposophic medicine and therapies:

The International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations – the IVAA represents and coordinates the National Anthroposophic Doctors´ Associations on both, the European and international level in regard to political and legal affairs:

Anthroposophic publishers with their books and literature can be found under:
and journals under:

Various anthroposophic medical centres and individual doctors:

A residential clinic and registered hospital the Raphael Medical Centre:

A Professional and Personal Training in Mental Health-  is available as CPD for all those active in the field of health and social care. It involves twelve five-day seminars spanning three years. New Course planned to start in February 2017. For details see


Therapy trainings in the UK:
Tobias School of Art & Therapy, West Sussex
Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training based in Stroud
Information on eurythmy therapy:
Biographical counselling training
Biography work and inner development courses

Manufacturer and distributor of anthroposophic medicines in the UK:

General Anthroposophy – The Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain

Numerous anthroposophic initiatives in the UK can be found under

Crossfields Institute

Emerson College