Timetable & Venues

St Luke’s Medical Centre

St Luke’s Therapy Centre Stroud, Venue for most  Seminars 



 still open for New Participants

2016-2019 Plan, Fifth Cycle

2nd – 4th December 2016

The Four Elements.

Small Group work on “Conditions for Inner Development”

20th – 22nd January 2017

The Four Kingdoms of Nature.

Individual Spiritual Paths, Blossoming and Dying Plant Exercise;

3rd – 5th March 2017

Etheric and Physical Laws, 

Chapter two of Fundamentals of Therapy.

Projective Geometry.

Medicinal Plant Study

5th – 7th May 2017

Four Organs

Basic Soul Exercises

5th – 9th July 2017

Medicinal plant study, Patient Study, Text Study,

Inner Path Small Group Work.

8th – 10th September 2017

Anthroposophic Pharmacy – with Albert Schmidli

The Tria Priciple, Alchemy and a modern spiritual pharmacy

Medicine Making: Equisetum, Bidor and Kalium Aceticum Comp

17th -19th November 2017

Anthroposophic Approach to Psychiatric Illness –

Establishing Resilience or Vulnerability in Childhood – Marah Evans

Biographical Small Group Work.

Body Therapies – Rilke Hayn

19th – 21st  January 2018

Anthroposophic Approach to Psychiatric Illness continued Depression

Personality Development – Marah Evans

2nd – 4th March 2018

Anthroposophic Approach to Psychosis

Euythmy & Clay Modelling

20th – 22nd April 2018

Cancer and Viscum Therapy –

Dr Maurice Orange, Dr Stefan Gieder and Dr Simon van Lieshout

 Friday evening 8th – Saturday 9th June 2018

An Open Seminar with the Theme:

Is there a place for “ Spirit” in Science and Medicine?

 Science and Research Methodology in Anthroposophic Medicine


The University of Westminster

The Pavilion

101 New Cavendish Street

 London W1W 6XH

 Prof. Peter Heusser will give a series of contributions based on his book

Science and Anthroposophy  

Prof. David Martin will give an overview of the research activity related to Anthroposophic Medicine on the Continent and

Prof. Gene Feder and Dr.David McGavin will describe two UK research projects

 A plenum will be chaired by Prof. David Peters

 At a time when reductionist and mechanical views of the human being dominate our society and medicine and more holistic approaches are being attacked in the name of science, this seminar gives the opportunity to hear the scientific and epistemological foundations of another paradigm

A Public Seminar arranged jointly by the Medical and Scientific Sections

of the School of Spiritual Science

with the support of the  Scientific and Medical Network

Cost £1120 Register and pay on line at www.elysiahealth.org


10th – 13th June Emerson College, Sussex

Science and Anthroposophy – Prof. Peter Heusser and Prof. David Martin

Medicinal Plant Study

Patient Study

Euthymy Therapy

31st August – 2nd September 2018

Anthroposophic Pharmacy – Albert Schmidli

The Seven Metals and Stibium

12th – 14th October 2018

Anthroposophic Medical Association Conference on Prescribing

at Weleda (UK), Heanor Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire


7th – 9th December 2018 – Imagine Studio, Stroud

Anthroposophic Paediatrics

Dr Karin Michael

Consultant Paediatrition, Herdecke University Hospital.

Successor to Dr Michaela Glockler in this department and as co-editor of “A Guide to Child Health”

Lectures in Child Health in the International Postgraduate Training in Anthroposophic Medicine in the Philippines, Taiwan etc

18th – 20th January 2019

Specialist Clinical Topics – Hypertension and Sepsis

Dr Thomas Breitkreuz – Specialist in Internal Medicine

Paracelsus Hospital, Unterlengenhardt, Germany

22nd – 24th March 2019

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Endochrinolgy and Diabetology

Dr Matthias Girke – Specialist in Internal Medicine & Leader of the Medical Section

25th – 27th May 2019

Joint Meeting with Medical Section in the UK at Hereford Steiner Academy

with Dr Matthias Girke – Leader of the Medical Section Worldwide

26th – 30th June 2019

Five Day Summer Intensive at Emerson College

with Dr Jana Vorbachova – Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Richterswill Hospital Switzerland,

Medical Plant Study and  Metals Phenomenology

4th-7th September 

Final Seminar – Trigonos Centre,

Snowdonia, North Wales

with Prof. David Martin

Celtic Spirituality and Future Spirituality and Medicine,

Ita Wegman & Rudolf Steiner in the British Isles,

Practical Clinical Issues


Planned to Start 18th October 2019

2019 – 2022 Plan, Sixth Cycle

22nd  – 24th October 2019

The Four Elements.

Small Group work on “Conditions for Inner Development”

22nd – 24th November 2019

The Four Kingdoms of Nature.

Individual Spiritual Paths, Blossoming and Dying Plant Exercise;


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