Timetable & Venues

St Luke’s Medical Centre

St Luke’s Medical Centre Stroud, Venue for most  Seminars 



Started 2nd December 2016

but still open for New Participants

2016-2020 Plan, Fifth Cycle

2nd – 4th December 2016

The Four Elements.

Small Group work on “Conditions for Inner Development”

20th – 22nd January 2017

The Four Kingdoms of Nature.

Individual Spiritual Paths, Blossoming and Dying Plant Exercise;

3rd – 5th March 2017

Etheric and Physical Laws, 

Chapter two of Fundamentals of Therapy.

Projective Geometry.

Medicinal Plant Study

5th – 7th May 2017

Four Organs

Basic Soul Exercises

5th – 9th July 2017

Medicinal plant study, Patient Study, Text Study,

Inner Path Small Group Work.

8th – 10th September 2017

Anthroposophic Pharmacy – with Albert Schmidli

The Tria Priciple, Alchemy and a modern spiritual pharmacy

Medicine Making: Equisetum, Bidor and Kalium Aceticum Comp

17th -19th November 2017

Anthroposophic Approach to Psychiatric Illness – Depression, Anxiety and Obsessional Compulsive Disorder.

Overcoming Nervousness Exercises.


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