Faculty and Visiting Tutors


Dr Michael Evans, Course Director, was a co-founder of Park Attwood Clinic and an NHS GP  based at St Luke’s Medical Centre, Stroud for 26 years.

Dr Michael Evans

He teaches in China and in the International Postgraduate Anthroposophic Medical Training, in the Philippines. He is a faculty member of the Medical Section Seminar on Mental Health and has a particular interest in experiential adult learning.


Dr Marion Debus – Joint leader of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum since 2023. Specialised in internal medicine, oncology and hematology. After working at the Havelhohe Hospital in Berlin for 12 years she became Head of the Oncology Department at the Arlesheim Clinic (formerly the Ita Wegman Clinic).


Dr James Dyson was a co-founder of Park Attwood Clinic where he worked from 1979 to

Dr James Dyson

Dr James Dyson

2003. He has practised as a doctor in Steiner Waldorf Schools and in centres for social therapy. His areas of special interest are developmental psychology and adult mental health and he is a regular contributor to anthroposophic therapeutic trainings in this country and Australia. He is a faculty member of the Medical Section Seminar on Mental Health.


Anna Hubbard studied with Vera Taberner at the Fox Elms

Anna Hubbard

Anna Hubbard

Training in the late 1980’s graduating as an Anthroposophical Artistic Therapist. She orked for many years at Wynstones Waldorf School and a number of Camphill Communities. Anna initiated and ran the Arts Foundation Course in Stroud for 12 years. She taught drawing and art at Hibernia College while maintaining a private practice in Stroud.


David Martin

Prof. David Martin

Professor David Martin, MD, PhD (University of Witten Herdecke and Tübingen University)             

David Martin is a professor of Medical Theory, Integrative and Anthroposophic Medicine  at the University of Witten Herdecke and Paediatrics at Tübingen University. He is Board Certified in Paediatrics, Paediatric Endocrinology, Diabetology, Hematology and Oncology and strives to enrich these fields with Integrative and Anthroposophic Medicine in service of patients. He enjoys learning and helping to learn Integrative and Anthroposophic Medicine as well as Rhythmical Massage around the globe via various initiatives, including Anthromedics.com, and Kolisko-Akademie Life-Wise.com .

Dr Matthias Girke


Dr Matthias Girke is Leader of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum Switwitzerland and Internal Medicine Consultant at Havelhohe Hospital Berlin. He was one of the founders of the anthroposophic Havelhohe Hospital Berlin. and has long been a visiting teacher at the British Training in Anthroposophic Medicine. He is the author of the most comprehensive text book on anthroposophic general medicine now translated into English. He is supporting the training reform in order to be more accessible to doctors and medical students Worldwide.


Visiting Tutors

Dr Karin Michael  Joint Leader of Medical Section at the Goetheanum. Formerly Leading Paediatrician at Herdecke University  Hospital. Editor of “A Guide to Child Health”s

Dr Peter Selg  – Ita Wegman Institute, Arlesheim Switzerland

Dr Simon van Lieshout GP with a special interest in Oncology, Camphill Medical Practice, Aberdeen

Katherine Beavan  Eurythmy Therapist in Forest Row, England.  Eurythmy Therapy Training in GB Faculty Member.

Marah Evans – Psychodynamic Counsellor, Biography Course Facilitator and Art Therapist, working at St Luke’s Medical Centre and Gloucestershire Counselling Service.